Creating “The Secret Order of the Slice.

The story of how I created the Secret Order of the Slice is quite a funny one. Generally, I have the rule that if I have a kick ass idea and I don’t act on it for two weeks, then I need to move away from it. Why? The initial passion is gone and the feelings that I had two weeks ago may not be rekindled.

So how did I come up with the idea for this project?

It’s kind of funny actually; it involved a case of the munchies. A bunch of friends were over my apartment last January and we were sitting around watching Adventure Time. Then we got hungry at around midnight and I decided that I’d buy pizza for everyone. 

So I ordered it, it came, us twenty somethings kept watching Adventure Time, and then we opened the box. As my friend opened the box, another friend of mine sounded that very typical angelic song.

Then I had an idea: what if I opened the box and put a light inside and it was almost like a holy light. Kind of like what you see in Pulp Fiction with the briefcase scenes.

So I went about sketching out ideas and I didn’t shoot a single image for a year and a half for the project. But in a secret notebook I keep on my bookcase, I sketched ideas every now and again. So the project moved forward carefully and slowly until I felt I got the looks and ideas just right.

Then I asked a bunch of friends and former clients to help me with this personal project. After explaining it to them, they couldn’t be any happier to participate. All of the looks that you see in their faces are genuine because they all love pizza. 

That’s what I was trying to capture: but to do it in familiar settings to all of us. We eat on the commute home, at home, alone at work, on nights in, etc.

It was shot with a variety of cameras and lights because at this stage in my career, what I’m really trying to prove is that gear doesn’t matter as much as knowledge, creative vision and a drive to put great work forward.

I hope you enjoy the project. And if you’d like to be a part, hit my contact page on the sidebar.

Back in the game

Oh hey everyone!

I’m back. Yes, it’s really me. Go ahead, poke me with a stick; though I may make that Pillsbury Doughboy sound or something else. In that case, don’t poke me with a stick. But enough about prodding folks with long thin objects.

Hi! I’ve decided to get back into the headshot photography game and considering my special skills involving working with people to bring out the best them, it just makes sense.

PS: Support my Kickstarter.

So why now? Why not before?

Well there are a couple of reasons. I knew I was more than good enough for a while. But I didn’t just want to be good enough. I wanted to be great. I’m rather rough on myself considering the Asian/Indian parents and all; but I also know who I am. I know when I’m at my best and I know that I can consistently deliver my best over and over again. It just makes sense and I know that I’ll be able to work with you to help you bring out your best.

Headshots and portraiture are a collaborative effort; and we’re going to have a lot of fun working together.

Thanks folks! Looking forward to sharing more with you all!

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